Thank you for all these years in wich you have been my support. I was a student at High school when I applied for your competition. I remember how lucky I was when I was informed that I had received a scholarship. I attended High school 75 kilometers from my Hometown. My modest was overloaded with the coast of living in another City. It is rare that student have the opportunnity to aplly for a scholarship contest, so it made me glad that I was part of this Foundation, and I was successful about it. It is a pleasure to know that this is a foundation which follow the student throught schooling. This foundation paid me a scholarship regularly and I could always count for sure on yours regular scholarship. There was a time when my education provides scholarship for Government Institutions. I will gladly leave my place to another student, where the scholarship will help him. I’m always greatful to you and my success as a student of Software Engineering, you can also consider a success, beacause you helped me in my education. I will be glad to respond to your humanitarian projects and I will always make my contribution to a better future for young people.

Thank you for everything, your former, Adna from Konjic.“


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