We experienced and survived a war and all its atrocities and evils, we became sensitive to those affected by the war and we are willing to help and alleviate their pain, because we know how it feels when you flee a heavy shelling and leave everything behind, we know the feeling of uncertainty and being left alone, having no money to buy a meal for tomorrow, be far away from everything you know. We funded aid in food that was shipped to the refugee population from Syria currently in shelters in the territory of the Republic of Turkey. Throughout 2017, the Foundation participated in convoys bringing aid to refugees in the territory of the Republic of Turkey.

The aid was provided in cooperation with MFS Emmaus, and further with IHH in Turkey. The convoys brought flower, oil and some toiletries which were allowed according to the legislation on import of humanitarian aid in the Republic of Turkey. The Foundation funded aid in three humanitarian convoys: “BiH for Syria” – donation for flour (March 2017) “BiH for Syria” – donation for transport costs of one truck (May 2017) “BiH for the people of Syria” – donation for flour (September-October 2017) A team from the Foundation participated in the convoy “BiH for Syria” in March / April 2017, when we had an opportunity to personally visit Syrian refugees in Turkey.

We stayed in the refugees town Reyhanli on the border with Syria. That reminded us of our own wartime and refugee days. We were also in a position to ascertain that our aid has come to the right place, and we realised that a lot of efforts and work are needed to at least alleviate the consequences of the Syrian crises. We left Turkey with a plan and conviction that we will continue implementing identical or similar projects with our partner organisations.


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