Amila Crljenković

Amila Crljenković, 1999, Goražde

I became a scholarship recipient of the Muharem Berbić Foundation in 2017, when I attended the third grade of the Gymnasium in Gorazde. Since I have participated in many competitions that used to require travel and additional literature, the scholarship has been very helpful. I knew I never had to worry about it. As a linguistic student, I aspired to broaden my knowledge as much as possible, which led me to study German studies at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo. Studying a language also involves studying literature, which I love and appreciate so much, and I enjoyed buying new books, especially in German.

The Muharem Berbić Foundation was my greatest friend. Also, since I had to move from a small town on the Drina River, this presented additional difficulties, but when you have someone who supports you and motivates you, there is no obstacle that you cannot cross. I am currently completing my first year of German studies, occasionally working on exchange projects as a translator, and actively working in the non-governmental sector.

What I would like to point out is that I am a member of the OSCE Advisory Group and that I am a participant of a one year training “Learn, Think and Act” conducted by the KULT Youth Development Institute. For all that I am and what I will be, for all that I have achieved so far, I am grateful to the Muharem Berbić Foundation as they are the ones who helped me achieve my wishes and goals.


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