Our vision

  • Country in which high quality education and medical care are available to everyone, a society in which one helps another, led by belief that only good deeds count
  • Stable community based on solidarity, where everyone is contributing to making life better, today and in future
  • We want everyone to start making our country a place no one wants to leave
  • Everyone has something to contribute to social wellbeing
  • „Do a portion of good, it will be seen.“


With all my hard work in learning and success so far, one of the motives that motivated me was to carry the title of a scholarship recipient of the foundation that bears the name of our Golden lily.
Ajdin Tabić
Vogošća, born in 2002
I owe a big thank you to you for supporting hundreds of young people who work and are committed to a better tomorrow in our homeland.
Emina Čustović
Stolac, born in 1996
I have been a scholarship holder of the Muharem Berbić Foundation for the last two years and I thank them for their efforts to improve the living conditions for students during their studies.
Nedim Muhić
Sarajevo, born in 1994
I have been a scholarship holder of the Muharem Berbić Foundation for three years, which further motivates me and obliges me to be a better woman and a better student. I am immensely grateful to them, who have been a part of my life forever, for following me on these educational “adventures”, for every warm word, for the desire to “see me on the theater boards” as soon as possible, and I am determined to continue on the path of good that will touch what more people in need of support.
Nikolina Gagić
Srebrenica, born in 1998
The scholarship has made my life easier in every sense because with it I pay most of the rent for the apartment, thus reducing the cost of my self-financing mom.
Nizama Drljačić
Travnik, born in 1998


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