,,My name is Ilma Mujezinović. After I gratuated Elementary school as the „Pride of the generation“, I went to Techinchal High school „Hasib Hadžović“ in Goražde, in the section for CNC machine operating. In both Elementary and High school I was a model student with great success.

In terms of school education, as I finished a Techinchal High school I decided to become a student at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, at the University of Sarajevo. My wish is to graduate at my Faculty and then get an adecvate job. That is my wish and also my goal, and I believe that my parents and Muharem Berbić foundation will be my biggest support in that as in the past.

As for Your foundation and its employees, I only have the words of praise. I want to say that I am thankfull to those people who helped me during my High school education. I hope that  our cooperation will continue during my higher education. Of course I will never forget  everything that Your foundation has done for me so far and I would be grateful if that continues.

I am very thankfull and grateful for everything the foundation has done for me, and if it continues it will be my big motivation in going forward aswell it has to this moment.“


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