I finished Elementary school with great succes as „Pride of the generation“, I also graduated as a excellent student at a Gymnasium.

During my education I was the best young inovator of Bosnia & Herzegovina in 2006. I have made a device that has earned me many medals in France, Serbia, Germany, Hungary, Korea and a special prise in Taiwan. I was also a member of many extracuricullar groups and projects, for example, I became a certified educator for youth at  „Mladi za mlade“ and I was a member of the Youth association of Zenica. I have graduated as the best student of the Political Academy aswell.

I am currently studying at the Polytechincal Faculty at the University of Zenica at the construction department.

I am also employed in the „Preduzeće za autoceste u Federaciji BiH“ as the younger cooperater for documentation.

I was Your foundations user for one year. Foundation of „Muahrem Berbić“ is very important to its users due to a big economical crysis our country is dealing with, and thus it is almost impossible to be a student and work simultaniously. After I found out more about Your foundation I was very much thrilled because it helps a lot of people with their financial struggles.  I am sorry that there are a lot of people in need of help, but I’m also very happy because „Muharem Berbić foundation „ has  larger capacity for financing ambitious people and that it is making such a large progress and because it has a very big influence.“


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