Education is essential in efforts to break the pattern of poverty and to facilitate progress of a society. It is impossible to provide for quality education, however, without books, reading and basic didactic aids. Equipped libraries and books available at all times are readily attainable in larger BiH towns. But for kids in the Eastern Bosnia, it is a luxury they can only dream of.

Muslim Aid recognised the problem which the students and teachers in the returnee places in the Eastern Bosnia face and decided to launch a mobile library Molly for them. Thanks to Molly, books are now regularly available in 39 schools for about 2000 school children.

As a result, little ones from the Podrinje area now have an opportunity to meet the world from books and successfully achieve educational objectives and carry out tasks envisaged in the curriculum. Previous results show that not a single student was left without required readings and that all of them were able to read the books envisaged in the curriculum.

The Muharem Berbić Foundation secured funds to fully cover the operation of the mobile library in 2017, and as the only donor enabled this project to continue. Without this donation, the Project would have ended.

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