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“Think & Solve” is an educational program which uses different brain-teasers as the main didactical aid (puzzles, riddles, social games, brain teasers…). Brain teasers and puzzles naturally generate interest and curiosity among members of all age groups, and this motivational component makes them an ideal didactical aid. Due to a variety of Dilemma Games and their diversity in terms of design, size, complexity and strategies they involve, they are beneficial for development of both motoric and cognitive skills such as: concentration, working memory, semantic and procedural memory, use of mnemotechnies, spatial perception and judgment, problem solving, creativity, decision making.

The games involve different methods of problems solving (such as induction, deduction, elimination, trial and error method, etc.) which allows generalisation and application of acquired knowledge in real life situations. Dilemma games teach individuals that effort and persistence are the main components of success in resolution of any problem. They are primarily aimed at encouraging individuals to think ahead, but to also recursively review the problem in order to be able to analyse their own thoughts, evaluate them and adjust them to the situation. This boosts development of metacognition – we become increasingly aware of our thoughts, the manner in which we organise our thoughts, and/or memorise things, resolve problems and make choices.

Understanding of one’s own cognitive processes is essential requirement for their optimisation. Having received a request from the Majlis of the Islamic Community of Srebrenica, the Muharem Berbić Foundation and Mozgaonica provided a package of didactic toys and a training for the little ones in the Srebrenica mektab. We did so to support the innovative and successful approach of the young Imam in this town, which gathers over one hundred children in his mektab.

Already marginalised by the BiH authorities and society, these little ones were extremely happy and proud because they are the only mektab in Bosnia and Herzegovina which has such didactic material for work and development. They mastered the training successfully and resolved very quickly demanding tasks of the program.

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