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MUHAREM BERBIĆ (15.06.1954. - 29.08.1992.)

Muharem Berbić, son of mother Nura and father Zihnija, was born on 15 June 1954 in Popi, the municipality of Kakanj. He completed the primary education in the Primary School ‘Rudi Čajevec’ in his home town, and the secondary education in ‘The Secondary Medical School’ in Sarajevo.  While attending school, he also practiced boxing and football. After he had finished the education, he got a job in the “Health Centre Kakanj” as medical technician. Soon thereafter he married his wife Zijada, with whom he got son Zijad, and they lived in a happy successful marriage until the outbreak of the aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Upon the outbreak of the aggression against BiH, Muharem volunteered to join the Territorial Defence Municipal Headquarters (OPŠTO[1]) Kakanj, as a member of the medical corps. He was killed during an operation in the area of Misoča on 29 August 1992. A funeral prayer was held for him on the following day in Brežani. He received a posthumous decoration, the highest wartime medal Golden Lilly[2].

Muharem was a person who cherished life and loved people in general, as his choice of profession clearly shows. As a young boy he fought for justice and followed the path of goodness. He was very fond of sports and enjoyed spending his leisure hours socialising with others and with his family, and he also volunteered as a physiotherapist in the FC ‘Rudar’ Kakanj.  He sought to instil his virtues and personal noble beliefs in his closest ones. He was a light spirited and positive man, who only wanted to live a normal life, to watch his son going to school, growing up, starting his own family, sharing his joys.  However, his murderers prevented him from doing so, shattering his dream to live this life too soon taking another innocent life. They killed him while he was helping those in need, wounded persons and fighters who fought against death, suffering and evil that befall them. They did kill Muharem Berbić’s body, as they killed many other Bosniak men and women during the past aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina, but they could not destroy his generosity, courage, humanity, noble beliefs embedded in his descendants and present to this day. His patriotism has not been interrupted by his death, it blossomed for years and materialized in the present Foundation with his name, Muharem Berbić Foundation, which resumes where he stopped, resumes the struggle to provide assistance to those in need, those in trouble, the fight for Bosnia and Herzegovina and its citizens.

May his soul rest in peace in the Bosnian soil.



When people die for sublime goals, they rise above death, they last in their offsprings, they walk through future times, they are the pillars and foundations on which we will last and exist – proud of Bosnia, even more proud to feel. Muharem Berbic built himself into those pillars and into those foundations. He is in us and with us through his offsprings and through time. He has stayed to live in our hearts – where is the place for those who are honorable, noble, brave and above all honest people.

May he be Rahmet and may his Bosnian land be light. Amin.

Assistant Commander for the morale of the OPŠTO-e Kakanj

Mulo Krivokapa


[1] OPŠTO – Opštinski štab teritorijalne odbrane

[2] Zlatni ljiljan



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