Nikolina Gagić

Muharem Berbić Foundation… inspiration and motivation

I am Nina from Srebrenica, a third year student of the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Tuzla, majoring in acting. I knew what I wanted from my earliest childhood. I had no dilemma, but I had more desires than opportunities. Always. And these were not primarily financial constraints, sometimes it could be incompatible to integrate all my interests in time and space.

I am an activist and devoted to help my community in the context of the BiH environment. I contribute most to this through the YU Peace Network (Youth United in Peace), which brings together young people from Croatia, Serbia and BiH through activities to cope with the past and a shared vision we have for the future.

I was challenged by new experiences, whether it was travel, new people, different cultures, so I took every opportunity to reach it, through the many opportunities that existed.

In the process of schooling, from my first student days, which was a big and stressful change for me (especially since I didn’t immediately enroll in the Academy, so in the first year I opted for Philosophy – my second love), selfless support was given to me by the Muharem Foundation Berbic, to whom I applied for the competition by accident and without knowing anything about them.

I have been a scholarship holder of the Muharem Berbić Foundation for three years, which further motivates me and obliges me to be a better person and a better student. I am immensely grateful to them, who have been a part of my life forever, for following me on these educational “adventures”, for every warm word, for the desire to “see me on the theater boards” as soon as possible, and I am committed to pursuing the path of good that will touch a greater number of those in need of support.

Nikolina Gagić, 21 years old


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