Nizama Drljačić


„My name is Nizama Drljačić. I came from a small Town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Travnik, where grew up and completed primary education. At least Fifteen years old, I came to Sarajevo and finished Third Gimnasium with great success, then I enrolled in a Faculty of Civil Engineering, Sarajevo. This year in October I am enrolling in my third year of University. I am a scholarship student of the Foundation Muharem Berbić for the Fourth year. That scholarship made my life easier in every sense, because with it, I pay rent for the apartment, that way, I make it easier for my Mom. I consider that  persistence is gift, which we all need to have and always strive in life and never give up, because all difficultes of life, God is with us, and many good people who want to raise and educate the next generation and make it easier.“


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