Objectives and activities of the Foundation include:

  1. Better education and upbringing, including assistance to students and school children provided through scholarships, one-off financial aid, or establishment of educational institutions to create better conditions for their training, study, retraining or education;
  2. Enhanced support to elderly persons and youth;
  3. Furtherance of objectives in the area of culture and sports;
  4. Advocacy for greater development assistance, and assistance in the healthcare sector;
  5. Support to disabled persons;
  6. Assistance to victims of natural disasters;
  7. Promotion and initiation of boarding schools as envisaged in the Law;
  8. Furtherance of assistance to demobilised soldiers of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina and members of martyrs’ families;
  9. Assistance to women, victims of violence and single mothers with minor children;
  10. Implementation of special projects in accordance with the purpose of the Foundation;
  11. Organisation of humanitarian and non-profit charity events for fundraising, and fund allocation;
  12. Carrying out of other charity activities pursuant to the applicable legislation, general acts and the Work Programme of the Foundation.

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