Residential boarding for 10 children in Potočari

Despite all ordeals and atrocities the citizens of Srebrenica suffered during the war, and a bitter fight for life and free territory, the affection and love to the homeland and the backyard in which they had spent their childhood was stronger than any evil, and has brought them back to their hometown. The returnees mostly live in the periphery, in the outskirts of the town, and their children must walk several kilometers to come to school in the centre of Srebrenica day after day.

In response to this challenge, ECCS-FB offers boarding services in the capacities of the Association for children commuters. 46 beneficiaries of boarding services include children of different age groups, from first graders to high-school seniors. Beyond the learning and homework, the professional staff including a pedagogue, psychologist, social workers, specialised teacher, who supervise them, also seek to contribute to their knowledge about the life, nature and science. They seek to identify their preferences and provide them with professional guidance and counselling.

In addition to various activities offered by the Centre (creative, educational workshops, sports, music therapy, English language courses, IT courses), the professional team works with them on a daily basis focusing on homework and learning assistance.

The Muharem Berbić Foundation covers boarding costs for 10 children.

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