Zijad Berbić,
founder and Chairman of the Board

He was born on August 31, 1977 in Kakanj. He graduated from elementary school in his hometown and decided to spend part of his vacation with his family in Germany. He had no idea that he would continue his education and life there, that he would not be able to return to his homeland, which was when the war began.

He graduated from high school in Reutlingen and then enrolled in mechanical engineering, but after his second year of study he moved on to a law degree, which he successfully completed.

Studying at Mercedes Benz and Porsche, he eventually transferred to SL Rasch, a company that partly develops its business in Makkah and Medina. In 2010 he went to Saudi Arabia as part of the company.

In 2012 he started his own company, developed his projects and employed a large number of experts from different fields, coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He spends his life on the route Makkah – Dubai – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Stuttgart.

He is married and father of two children.

Selma Berbić,
Board of Directors, Vice-President

She was born on November 5, 1977 in Cologne. She was educated in her hometown until her marriage in 1996, after which she moved to Baden-Württemberg, where she graduated.

After graduation, she enrolled in law in Tübingen, but after the fourth semester she transferred to study business law, which she successfully completed. Studying at different companies, including Bosch, from where she moved to SL Rasch in 2007, where she remains until 2012.

In 2012, she moved to Dubai, where she continued to work at her family business.

From 2007 to 2014, she was a member of the IZ Stuttgart committee as a secretary.

She is also married and mother to two children.

Zijada Berbić,
Member of the Board of Directors

Zijada Berbić was born in 1956. in Kakanj. She finished elementary school in her hometown and high school in Zenica. She married Marharem Berbić in 1976, and received her son Zijad in 1977.

During the aggression against the homeland of Bosnia and Herzegovina, her husband Muharem volunteered at T.O. Kakanj and sends his family to Germany. Unfortunately already in August 1992. volunteer and medical worker Muharem Berbić is killed by the aggressors and thus take away Zijada’s and his support.

At the end of the war in 1996. Zijada returns to Kakanj and joins the work of the “Family of Shaheed and the Fallen Fighters” and actively participates in the work of the Golden Lilies Association.

After a great and difficult ordeal, Zijada is now looking forward to the happiness of her children and grandchildren.

Halida Sinanović-Sarač,

Halida is a journalist and professor of English. Born February 24, 1979 in Germany, where she lived until 2011. Since 2011 she lives in Sarajevo and is involved in various projects.

For a long period, she was an external contributor to the German Political Foundation where she worked in the fields of trade union movement and gender equality. As a Freelancer, she works in translation (German / BHS) as well as writing online texts for various projects.

She is also married and mother to two children.

Adnan Mević,
Executive manager

For over nine years, Adnan has been professionally engaged in various non-governmental organizations.

Through his work, he has implemented dozens of projects funded by international and domestic donors.

Adnan is also an accredited trainer in project management and NGO management and has led trainings for the British Council, the European Commission and domestic organizations.

Nerdžis Čaplja,
Project manager

Nerdžis is a BA in Zenica in cultural studies. She is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Business Management at the Faculty of Economics, UNZE. She has been volunteering in various NGO organizations for over 10 years.

She is also active in the field of humanities and social sciences research. She loves hiking in the BH mountains and exploring and promoting BH cultural heritage.

At the Muharem Berbić Foundation, Nerdžis is a Project Assistant.

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